Checking the clock

I am not sure why time is so important to me. I talk about it often at therapy. I cant be late for anything. I cant be with someone who is late for their apt either.

I cant enjoy time out with friends because I time everything and check the clock CONSTANTLY.

I give myself one hour when I am out. If we are not done with in that hour, I ask if we can bring food home.

I know its not fair to them, why should they suffer because I have some issues.

I am still dealing with the whole, doing 100 things at once. I am just not sure how to change that issue.

I know I am suppose to do things in order of importance but that doesn’t always work.

Like this Is what’s going on in my mind this very moment: Teen Mom is on, yay! I have to brush my teeth, I have to blog, I need to exercise, I have to call dad, I have to check on Mom, is it going to rain, are the car windows shut, I didn’t make my bed, I am hungry…..

I just wish my mind has a turn OFF switch.


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