Ride in an Ambulance

When I have psychotic episodes, sometimes, its hard to remember what happened. I am so gone its not funny.

But a few times, somehow I DO remember what happened. I start out crying and then the voices start. Although I cant remember what they say, I DO remember Mom calling 911. It gets worse and worse as we wait for the EMTs

My head is SO loud and busy its quite scary.

I remember walking to the ambulance and getting strapped down onto the gurney.

The lights in the ambulance are so bright and all I remember last time, was being scared of the woman on the wall showing how to use Oxygen.

I was hyperventilating and seeing all sorts of things.

The ride to the ER seemed to take less then 30 seconds. Then I get a bed in the ER and sit there crying and hallucinating until they give me the shot.

An hour later I am a different person.



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