Facts about me

  • I have schizophrenia
  • I have been to three schools in my lifetime
  • I take 18 pills a day
  • I saved a life before
  • I have never drank, smoked or did drugs
  • I have never been in love
  • I have never went to collage
  • I have been to 4 psych wards a total of 11 times
  • I was tinkerbell for Halloween one year
  • I tried to poison myself
  • I used to cut myself when I was stressed
  • I used to throw up my meals
  • I attempted to poison a girl
  • I love the color Pink
  • I’m a writer
  • I used to work at a daycare/dance studio
  • I volunteered at Meals on Wheels for years
  • I have OCD and Anxiety
  • I have had over 9 therapists in my lifetime
  • I have tried over a dozen meds to get to the right ones I am on currently

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