I hate having anxiety.

Today a nurse came to set up Mom’s breathing machine. I sat on the porch with Bella. Mistake. She BARKED and WHINED the whole time. I was SO anxious that I had to take a lorazepam. That’s an as needed anxiety pill. I try to take as little as possible. But I sure needed one tonight.

40 minutes later I am now feeling fine. I am in my room relaxing.

I get the worst anxiety in crowded places which is typical.

I also have anxiety when people are running late.

I also get anxiety when the voices wont shut off at night.

Anxiety is so common, but defiantly overlooked. Anxiety is scary, especially panic attacks.

If you have ever had a panic attack you know what I mean. It literally feels like you are dying!


4 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. I know all those feelings of anxiety. Glad you are feeling more relaxed. I take the same med as you for my anxiety. Sometimes I don’t realize how anxious I am until I take a pill and actually feel “normal” again.

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