In time of need

I feel MUCH gooder today! I slept GREAT and woke up in a great mood. I had a smoothie for breakfast, brushed my teeth, did my make up and got dressed.

Last night was really hard. I felt so down. I had major urges to scratch my belly with a push pin. I had it in my hand ready to go. But I thought of my friends and family that love me and want me to be safe. I mean scratching is not nearly as dangerous as cutting but it still is, self harm.

So I put the pin down and I found a mug. I ran my fingers all over it, just feeling the textures. It calmed me down quickly.

My Mom suggested I go to a local store called Sadie Greens, and find something I can carry around with me to help in time of need.

Like a stone, or rabbits foot.

In 2S psych ward, I had a mug but I lost it and I am very upset about that!

But I will find something and I will be okay!


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