Being on anti psychotic meds…

Unfortunately, the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to” is not true.

Being on anti psychotic medications, I cant give blood. I cant go to jury duty, I cant be in the army, I cant drink, I cant do a lot.

It kinda frustrates me. I don’t want to limit myself because of my diagnosis.

I can do a LOT. But, not everything.

But there is a lot i CAN do. I can get a job, i can go to college, i can make and keep friends.

I find it strange how people react when someone tells them they have mental illness.

Mom’s nurse asked what i blog about. I Said living with mental illness.

“You have mental illness” she asked me. I nodded “schizophrenia” She was surprised. Why so surprised, i mean tons of people have it.

Sometimes i like attention, but i don’t really like having attention, because i do have mental illness. There is SO much more to me and i want people to see that too.





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