I was a wreak

It was 12:30 pm. I was in my room watching Full House. I couldn’t sleep. A week before I had started on Seroquel. I am not sure what It was for, but I had a bad reaction.

My legs wouldn’t stop moving and I was extremely hyper. I paced the halls while my parents were asleep.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to get scared. So I waked Mom. She sat with me and that’s when the voices started. I can not remember what they said, but it was scary. I raced around the room and Mom called 911.

I remember crying in a corner, hyperventilating and crying.
Soon the EMTs arrived. Things got worse. I was a wreak.

I kinda blanked out then, but Mom told me they had to restrain me. At the ER, I was strapped down to a chair. I tried to resist and bite my arms. I begged people to cut off my arm.

After that I don’t remember much. I got a shot and they sent me to the psych ward.


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