I said 50/50

I had therapy today. I was early, MA was late. I was so nervous what could have happened. Was she in a car crash, did she pass out in the bathroom, was she held at gun point in her office? There are SO many things that could go wrong.

I told MA this.

MA said, what was the likely that any of that could come true.

I said 50/50. She said more like %4.

Then we talked about the same old, I have tons to do at once and my mind is on speed. I have to write down what I need to do and do it in order of importance, that what MA suggested.

So I will try it.

I just don’t understand why time is so important to me. I go out for dinner with a friend and limit myself to one hour. That’s it. Not an hour and 5 minutes, one hour.

I look at the clock non stop.

Its so frustrating! Sometimes I just. want. to. SCREAM!


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