Nothing i wanted to share with others..

I would walk down the hallways at school, avoiding eye contact. I felt guilty even though I didn’t do anything wrong.

I didn’t want people to look me in the eye for fear they could read my thoughts.

My thoughts were nothing I wanted to share with others.

I had a voices in my head back then named Susan. She told me to skip classes, so I did. I would go to the nurses. I had panic attacks and psychotic episodes daily.

Once I was enrolled in a therapeutic school things just got worse.

The books we read in class talked to me and told me to do all sorts of terrible things, like poisoning myself and others, taking my shirt off in class and more.

When I was admitted into psych ward, time after times, a few days in, the voices would subdue. I kept thinking I was cured! So I asked them to take me off my meds. They didn’t, but I learned I need those meds, to keep me stable. So I don’t mind taking them anymore.



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