I used to walk in a daze. I was always hearing voices in my head and they wouldn’t shut up. This mostly took place in school. I would leave classes to go to the nurse for anxiety pills. I had visits from Peter, my hallucination daily.

I was oblivious to the world.

I first started to go to Psych wards right after I turned 16. That’s when things were at their worst.

I was locked in a place I really didn’t want to be in.

I always felt great on discharge days. Then a few months would pass and things would get bad again.

I was in and out of psych wards for years. Then it happened. I was on the right medications and I didn’t go to a psych ward for 9 whole years.

Even though I was still hearing voices, I could handle it. Things were good.

Now I haven’t been admitted for months, and besides a few small set backs, I feel GREAT!


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