A misunderstanding

I hate when people judge me with out knowing me.

I went to Meals on Wheels the other day because the new boss needed help. So I went in at 9:30 am like always.

“Your late” She snapped.

“I always get here at 9:30” I replied. “We needed you at 8:30”

I apologized and she’s like “Just get to work”

Every time I left the room, the boss was like “That girl!”

She was being rude. When I asked a question she snapped back.

I decided to not go back. So my step Dad called her to say I wont be returning.

Shes like ” I didn’t know she had a “condition” Meaning she didn’t know I have schizophrenia.

I don’t want her to be nice BECASUE I have mental illness. I want her to be nice  because I am nice back.


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