Choking on an apple?

I am so frightened by germs. Sometime I am distracted and I don’t think about it. But I have been frightened for some time now.

The first time I ever saw a psychiatrist, he had me write what I was feeling. I remember writing, I am scared of the germs in this room. They were everywhere and it IS scary when germs talk to you.

I am not sure if that is “normal” or not, talking to germs. I am sure many of you do the same thing.

When I was like 11, I choked on an apple. It scared me SO much that after that, for MONTHS, I had to take a sip of water after every bite. It got to the point I was scared to eat.

My Dad was concerned and asked me why I was doing that, so I told him

Somehow we got over it and I went back to eating normal. I am so careful eating apples now!



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