Therapy 5-24-16

So I went to therapy today. I told MA how I don’t do well with time. What I mean is, when I am with a friend. out to dinner or something, I constantly look at the time, like every 5 minutes. I cant just have fun.

MA put on a timer. My job was to tell her when one minute was up. We chatted for what SEEMED like a minute and I told her stop. Only 24 seconds had passed! I was baffled. I thought I may have even gone over!

We are both confused why I have to time everything I do.

In high school, I had a note book full of numbers crossed out. What I would do at the beginning of each class, was wrote down 30, 29, 28, 27 and so on till 0. I would cross out each number until I reached 0 when class was over.

That is one reason I didn’t do well in school. I was always worried about time, voices and counting.

My goal I have to work on this week, is to figure out why being late is so terrible.

I cant be late for anything, and people cant be late for me. If I have an apt at 11:00. You better be there at 11:00. Or else I panic! I think all worst case scenarios. Car crash, heart attack, kidnapped.

So it was a good day. I get a lot out of my therapy sessions.


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