My Mom is sick, very sick

So my Mom fell the other day. We called an ambulance to get her. She went to the hopistal and found out, her kidneys were failing and she had an infection.

Now she is in the ICU with low blood pressure, on dialysis, and has about 9 IVS in her body. She cant urinate and she is just not doing good.

I miss her SO much. Its so lonely just me and my step Dad.

So if you guys have any positive thoughts, I would deeply appreciate it. I love my Mom, she is my best friend. xoxxoxo


6 thoughts on “My Mom is sick, very sick

  1. This sounds similar to what my mum’s friend had going on, she was in hospital for a while because of it but she managed to recover and is doing well, so there is a chance your mum will get better 🙂 xx

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