Trip to the ER, a few months ago

I remember bits and pieces of my trips in an ambulance to the ER. I was strapped to a stretcher, crying my eyes out. I was hearing voices and seeing dead people in the lights. I cant remember how I got to the ER, but once I was there, I was put in a restraint chair.

I was tied down so tight I couldn’t move, at all. I remember saying “Cut my arms off!”

I thrashed and wiggled but they wouldn’t let me out.

So I cried and cried. They gave me a shot of something and everything changed. That must have been some heavy meds, whatever it was, it was an instant feel better pill.

The voices turned into humming and the dead people were gone.

I lay in bed in the ER and tried to sleep while they looked for a bed in the psych ward for me.

I fell asleep finally. Then my heart started to race, waking me up instantly. The voices were screaming and spirits and nails were everywhere!

The meds must have worn off. I started to cry again and a nurse came to check on me. She gave me a hot blanket and some Gatorade.

My eyes felt like sandpaper and I missed my family.

Finally around 3:30 am, I was moved up to level 2 psych ward.



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