Therapy Room

Overall today was good. I saw Dr. R, my psychiatrist. She didn’t change any of my meds, which is good.

I took a bubble bath tonight, it felt so good and relaxing.

Tomorrow I am going to work on organizing my make up, I have a LOT. I feel bad for the make up I don’t use as often. As if they had feelings.

I have a 6 drawer bin thing in my bathroom holding my face wash and floss. I might just put it in my make up room and use it to hold make up.

I really need to organize my rooms. They are cluttered. And my office I am turning into a therapeutic room, I don’t know what colors would be best. I have lots of decorating to do.

I plan on buying candles and lotions and scented stuff and put them on a shelf in my therapy room.

At 2S, Cindy recommended I get a relaxation CD to put in that room, its a good idea, I just might!


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