Therapists i have had…

Over the years, I have had over 10 therapists. Each one had a different way of doing therapy.

My therapist Beth and I would play games, I was like 8. We would also work on a family tree. Danielle always had water for me to drink during out sessions. She and I made a box with a lock on it to lock away the bad thoughts I had.

Shelia would ask me the same question over and over and it got annoying.

Sue was AWESOME. She and I played with her doll house, did scrapbooking and out to eat. I learned a lot from her.

Marianne is my current therapist. She has no special technique but I feel comfortable telling her all my deep dark secrets.

I have changed a lot as I got new therapists. Beth was my very first therapist. I was SO shy and hardly talked.

When I had sue as a therapist, I was very depressed and I was not much fun to be around.

But now that I am with Marianne, I am outgoing, happy, funny and we have a good time talking, even though some times it can get intense.


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