Kinda hoped the voices were done

Today has been a pretty good day. I slept through the night with out any sleep aid.

I went to WalMart with Bill and got make up and a collar for Bella.

I was kinda hoping the voices were done with since I have been soo good since I was discharged.

But last night before I fell asleep, I heard a neutral voice (its wasn’t Michelle, Sari OR Nobody) It was a new voice, a mans. He said I had to organize my sock drawer before I went to bed. I was SO tired and I didn’t want to, so I didn’t. Then he got louder. I still ignored. Then he threatened to hurt my family. SO I dragged myself out of bed and did it. Then I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until 6:00 am.

Hearing voices are confusing. But I can tell when its a voice in my head, or my own thoughts.

My thoughts are just there, the voices are annoying and in a way echo in my ear.



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