Two diffrent diagnoses

I have been counting a lot lately. If its not the voices, its counting, if its not counting, its paranoid thoughts.

I don’t know which I prefer. I am used to the voices, and these days they are mostly back ground noise.

But counting is SO annoying. OCD is so tough to deal with. I am in bed, thinking and trying to sleep when the voices tell me to get out of bed and turn the light on and off 23 times. Its like they work together: voices and OCD even though they are two totally different diagnosis’s. I cant sleep until I obey

I also have the TV on in the back ground, usually Full House, and I listen to it while trying to sleep, when I hear someone talking I don’t recognize. So I have to open my eyes to see what time it is and who is talking. If I guess the time wrong, I lose a point. I have a 5 minute lee way. If I guess its 12:34 and its really 12:47 I lose. If its with in 5 minutes, like 12:36, I win.



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