Friends in the psych ward

I make friends easily…especially with older adults. When I was in the psych ward, I had no friends. I ate alone in my room and didn’t talk to any patients. I would walk the halls by myself, sit in my room to read and mind my own business in group.

I did get along with the staff though. I love them there at 2S psychiatric ward. I could talk to them about anything I was feeling and they know how to respond because that is what they do.

I could tell them when I was hearing voices with out being embarrassed.

I made name signs for the staff and decorated it. they love it and so do i.

I have some friends but only 3 TRUE friends that I stay in contact with. I have 2 friends I don’t hardly see and 1 friend that lives far away. The rest are older adults. I don’t care what age you are, if you are nice to me, and want to hang with me, I will be your friend.


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