So I just got home from 2S psych ward. I was there for one week! It wasn’t too bad. But it was different from other times in the past, because, this time, I checked myself in. I didn’t feel safe.

Everyone was proud of me for making that decision. The night I was taking to the ER by ambulance, I had cut my belly with an earring.

I was hallucinating, my Dad and Step Dad said. I don’t remember anything except walking to the psych ward at 3:30 am.

The first night, my room mate SNORED> LOUD. I couldn’t fall asleep. Then the next night, I got a scary roommate that swore and yelled. So finally I requested a single room and got it. Its the same room I had 4 times before.

It was a nice visit, got my meds tweaked. I feel great! I hope not to go back anytime soon!


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