I just talked to my step Mom on the phone. I told her I wanted to blog, because it makes me feel gooder. So here it goes:

I am sad. I feel worthless. I feel like I don’t deserve to have friends and a family who cares about me.

I want to cut SO bad. I have my earring that I use right beside me. I keep getting tempted to cut, but I cant. I am scared I will end up back in the hopistal.

I want to cry. So I will listen to the song I played over and over on the way to my first psych ward visit. White Houses by Vanessa Carlton.

I am annoyed that I keep hearing voices, especially at night. They aren’t mean lately, but they do distract me so I cant sleep through the night.

I want to run away from life, just for a bit. I want to not worry about anything, or hear voices, or count, or have bad urges.


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