My new fear, who understands?

I have a new fear. If you have the same fear let me know, because it seems like an odd fear to have.

I fear not being able to go at the same time. What I mean:

Say there are two cars at an intersection with out a traffic light. Both drivers are polite and wave each other on. But when they do it at the same time, they both start to drive then stop. Then they wave again and start to go then stop. They both wait for a moment, but at the same exact time, they try to go. It doesn’t work.

I don’t know if you understand what I am saying. But, the fear part, is never being able to go and stuck in the same spot for all of eternity.

I think about it all the time lately. It gives me a headache and uses a lot of my energy to think.

I have therapy with MA this week, I may mention it to her.

Its not a big deal, but it can get aggravating to think about….


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