Easter is in 2 days

So Easter is this Sunday, another year has passed and I am just getting older. I wish I could still go on Easter Egg hunts.

The Easter Bunny DOES bring me a piece of candy though and I am grateful for that!

I miss being a child. I am glad I am over that all “I am an 11 year old trapped in a 27 year old body” issue.

But I do miss my childhood. Things were so simple. Life before meds, before being diagnosed with mental illnesses….

But it will be a nice Easter, our friend Bill is coming up and we are ordering from UNO’s.

On Wednesday of next week, I get to visit my Aunt in CT. I am SO excited!! I LOVE hanging with her. We always have such a great time, going out to eat, playing cards, drinking tea! Its the best!

I slept really well last night, not tooo many voices. YAY!

I woke up and had a banana blueberry smoothie.

For dinner we are having chicken.

I feel GREAT!! byee!!


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