I wish i could sleep

Today in therapy, MA and I talked about how I went to the movies and out to eat with a friend and I had to count down the time till it was over.

In the movies, when it started, I checked the time, 12:05. Then I checked the time every 5 minutes, I couldn’t enjoy myself.

When I went out to eat with Chester, I had to be there for exactly 1 hour. When Bob was 1 minute late, I panicked the worst case scenario. He got in an accident, there was a fire, he died….

I would love to do something I enjoy, with out counting and worrying and so on.

Also, we talked about how last night I only slept 2 hours. My mind would not shut off. I tried to picture a red carpet that usually makes me tired. But it didn’t work.

MA’s suggestion was to tell the thoughts and voices “I will talk to you in the morning, let me sleep”

If that don’t work, I should count down from 100. I hope these work, because I am exhausted,


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