Cant even enjoy the movies

Its pretty sad I cant even enjoy going to the movies. Today me and Bill went to see that new Heaven movie. I looked at the time when it started: 12:05 and checked the time every 5 minutes. I literally counted down the minutes until it was over. I couldn’t enjoy it, it was all about the time and counting.

I just wanted it to end, even though It was interesting. That confuses me, why do I do that? Isnt the meds suppose to help with that?

Anyways, it was a good movie, I cried 4 times. Even Bill cried.

I had M&Ms and water.

I feel pretty good now, but there are a few things I want to do at once. I want to watch a Lifetime Movie, clean my room, snack, exercise, and watch YouTube. I don’t get why I have to everything at the same time.




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