Past 11 years

Sometimes I sit back and just think of the past 11 years. I have gone through a lot, more then I would have liked.

I remember every visit to psych wards. Arbor Fuller was the first, then Westwood Lodge, then Waltham Behavioral and last of all 2S.

I remember the first medication I was ever on, Paxil. It did nothing for me.

I am now on Clozapine, I call it my miracle medicine.

I have heard so many voices starting from a young age. In 10th grade is when I started to see things others couldn’t, it used to just be the voices I was dealing with.

Then I got diagnosed with OCD. That is a tough one for me. I count constantly and obsess over stupid things.

I am very paranoid but that has gotten better.

I am happy. I feel good. I can handle anything!!!!



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