Restraint at the ER

I went by ambulance to the ER several times in my lifetime. Most times it was because of the voices.

The strange part is, I cant remember how I got to the ER. I know I went via ambulance but I cant remember the actual ride.

When I got there, all I could think was “Please don’t make me go to the psych ward!”

Everytime, I did.

On the times it was real bad, I was restraint. WORST feeling EVER. You are tied to a chair and faced at the wall as if you are being punished.

Other times, I am in a bed with an IV In my arm and a sitter watching my every move.

After awhile I calm down, thanks to the medication. Then the psychiatrist on duty decides if I can go home or if I need to get admitted to the psych ward unit.

Waiting is the worst part. I sit there nervously thinking of all the worst case scenarios.

I know when I have to go to the psych ward, even if I don’t admit it. But I don’t put up a fight because I know it helps me in the long run.



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