The voices are back, sigh…

I had a great day yesterday, until bedtime. It took forever to fall asleep. When I did, all I could think of was numbers and math problems, I really wanted my mug.

I fell asleep finally and was woken up by a voice around 1:20 am.

“F*** loser better get it or I will kill you.” Then he said “Emily, Emily, I will get you”

I DONT KNOW want to get! Makes no sense to me. So I cried under the covers and blocked my ears. The bad voices were replaced with one that chanted my name over and over, softly. I whispered leave me alone, I really wanted to stand up to the voices. But I couldn’t.

Anyways, It was a bad night but I finally fell asleep. I woke up an hour ago, not one voice. Phew.


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