I am not violent

I had a dream about if schizophrenia was a mug. Someone could hold the mug and say “I have schizophrenia”

But do you have all the symptoms? I don’t think even I have all the symptoms of schizophrenia.

I see and hear things, others cant, BUT I am not violent. I have never hurt anyone.

I never want to put the mug down. I want to switch my socks, I have to clean my bathroom. I want to read “Karen’s Easter Parade” I want to go to Dollar General, I want to have some apple juice, I want to watch Teen Mom, I want to walk, I want to hug a tree, I want a taste of heaven, I want to write. I want to ….

My mind is very very busy today. I cant even write everything that’s in my head!

So I am going to distract myself with music and cleaning. I will let you know how I feel later.


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