Scared of the light under my sweater

I was laying in bed just thinking, when a light flashed under my sweater that was on the floor. I was SO scared it was a camera watching my every move. I was too scared to check, so I hid under my blankets, something I have been doing a lot lately.

“Go away” I whispered. Then my brain told me to look. But I didn’t want to. SO I had a mini fight between me and my brain.

“Do it”



So I covered my ears with my hands and hummed. As I hummed, my brain went on full speed. I pictured all my fears at once. It was totally weird. And scary.

I pictured needles in my eye, fingernails being bent back wards, hairdryers in tubs, acid in the shower, and the thought of cameras watching me…..

So I threw my shoe at the light under my sweater. The light went off.

So I crept out of bed, heart beating rapidly and looked under the sweater. Nothing was there. I just felt so nervous after that, nothing could distract me. That’s why I am blogging, so I can distract myself. I feel better already.


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