The dice talked to me!

I took one look at that dice and it talked to me. I looked around the room, nobody else heard.

He sat there chanting saying “Eat me now you B***H” So I did, and got in trouble.

“Spit that out right now” staff said. I did.

I got up from my chair and raced to my room.

“I see you, you can run but you cant hide!” It was the dice. I looked over my shoulder, but nobody was there. I climbed into bed and put the covers over my head. I started to cry. I could hear multiple voices, the dice and a mean voice in my head.

“Eat the damn blanket” the mean voice said. SO I did. I nibbled on my blanket, scared not to. What was going on!

“I am going to get you!!!!” A voice shouted. I blocked my ears and hummed to myself.

In a moment. They were gone, the voices. I pulled off my blankets, shaking bad.

Its all because of that dice, if only he left me ALONE.



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