Foster Sister

So. My Dad and Step Mom have been taking Foster Parents classes. The other day, they had their first foster child over for 4 days, her name was Gianna and she was 10. I didn’t get to meet her which made me sad, but Dad sent me a picture. She was adorable.

My step Mom said she was well behaved and even made her bed each morning.

I talked to her on the phone once.

She is now at another foster home which makes me sad.

But. Big news. My Dad and step mom are adopting a little boy named Brandon. He is 8 and SO sweet, cute, funny and kind. I only met him once but I am excited to have him as a little brother!

I always wanted to adopt, unfortunately, having schizophrenia, I don’t know if I would be approved in adopting.

Which is bad for me, because I cant even have my own biological kids because of the heavy medication I am on.
Sometimes that makes me sad. I want to be apart of the BIg Sister program. Maybe be a big “sister” to a little girl. Problem is, I don’t drive.

There is gotta be something I can do to be around little kids and be a positive role model.


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