Nobody cares: a made up story about cutting and bulimia

Shelby crept up the stairs and locked herself in her bathroom. She had just eaten dinner with her family as they do every night. She looked at herself in the full length mirror. She lifted her shirt to see her belly. Fat. Her arms jiggled Fat. She pinched her cheeks, Fat. FAT FAT FAT. That’s all Shelby saw when she looked in the mirror.

So she grabbed her toothbrush and turned on the water, but she wasn’t about to brush her teeth. She went to the toilet and stuck the toothbrush down her throat. Dinner came rushing out of her belly, up her throat and out of her mouth. She smiled to herself as she flushed the toilet and shut off the water. She went to her room.

Throwing up after meals was not only what SHelby was dealing with. A couple nights ago she had experimented with cutting. She loved the feeling of the paper clip cutting her flesh.

Shelby opened her dresser drawer and found the clip. She raised her sleeve and dragged the clip over her skin. A batch of fresh blood came to the surface. All the sudden everything was okay.

She wiped the blood with her hand and rolled her sleeve back down.

She put the paper clip back.

Shelby climbed into bed and hid under the covers. She smiled to herself because she had a secret ,A secret that could get her into a lot of trouble if caught.

Shelby lay in bed for hours, wondering why nobody has been checking on her.

She started to feel depressed again. Its like nobody even cares.


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