Therapy Tomorrow

Today was a nice, day. Calm. I went to the dentist and saw all my friends! Then Bob and I went to the store to get our meds. I did some vacuuming and took a bath, I cleaned my room and did a make over.

I am making dinner tonight, its some kind of meat, with help from my Mom.

Tomorrow I have therapy with MA: I plan on talking about how I STILL feel the need to do everything at once and how my attention span is shrinking. I give myself a certain amount of time to do things and If I go over my limit I freak out. What I mean is: Say a friend is sleeping over. I plan what we are going to do and we do it. But if the movie goes over time, or longer then I planned I get all nervous and say “Lets just shut it off now” even if that means we don’t see the end. I hate doing that, and I have been doing it more frequently. Kind of hard to explain, but I want help stopping that.

Tonight I am going to watch The Middle with Mom at 8:00 then bed.

I didn’t hear ANY bad voices today, I feel safe and happy.

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