Valentines Day 2016

I feel loved today, its VALENTINES DAY!

I got a rose from my friend Tracy and a box of chocolates from Mom and Bob. Today I slept in until 10:00. I had a smoothie for breakfast then cleaned my room. I washed my sink and toilet too. Then I did my hair and make up.

Bob and I went to Dollar General. I got a bin for my clothes, ear phones for $1 and a shirt.

We listened to my favorite songs in the car. I love music.

I talked to my step Mom’s mother, tomorrow we are going to meet up for lunch.

No bad voices today, just one neutral. I was asleep and all the sudden my eyes shot open. I heard someone whisper in my ear. It wasn’t Michelle, it was a mans voice. I am trying to remember what he said, but I cant. Sorry. It wasn’t mean, it was just one of those pointless comments.

Honestly, I feel gooder when I hear the voices now and then. I don’t want them to go away for ever because I am just SO used to them. They are a part of me.  I don’t like the bad, but I don’t mind dealing with them.


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