My Dog Bella!

I have a dog named Bella. She will be 10 on February17th. Bella is really special to me. I got her when I was discharged from the first psych ward. It was a surpsie, the best surprise ever!

Bella is part chicuwawa and part poodle. She has blond hair and brown eyes like me.

She is very smart. When we say “Bella, bedtime” at 9:00, she gets off her chair and goes to bed!

She can also do tricks! Bella can stand on her hind legs and spin in circles. I tell her to sit, she sits.

I tell her “Paw” She raises her paw and I shake it.

Bella is my favoritest pet I ever had. She is my baby and I love her!

When I am sad, Bella comforts me. At night she sleeps by my head. She ever licks my toes!

I hope Bella lives a LONG Life. I don’t know what I would do wit h out her!


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