Longest i have felt good in YEARS

I wonder what the difference is between a psych ward and jail. I have never been to jail. But I have been to many psych wards and they seem a little bit how I could imagine how it would be.

No freedom, bars on the windows. Visiting hours. Lack of trust

The thing that gets me, is what did I do to deserve to have NO freedom. If I need help, it should be a voluntary out patient program. I never chose to be admitted. I was forced. Once I am there for a day, I understand my parents put me there for my own safety. But it still sucks.

My favorite part of being locked up, Is discharge day! I go home feeling better then ever! It lasts usually a month then the old routines come back. But I have been out of 2S for over a month and I am JUST starting to hear voices again, and only a little bit.

This has been the longest I have felt good in years!


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