Being restraint: worst experience ever

I feel kinda sad tonight, not bad, just a little. Nothing a little music cant help.

I had a bad flash back of being restraint, again. I hate when I have those memories. I wish I could forget them, but they always show up in my mind at random times.

I defiantly think being restraint was the worst experience ever. Worse then being in a psych ward. I was sat in a chair, my arms and legs were strapped down, I had a restraint across my chest and I was pointed at facing the wall.

All I remember was saying over and over “Just cut my arms off!” I couldn’t get that sentence out of my head. The voices were talking for me. It wasn’t me!

I struggled to get loose but couldn’t.

When I was free later that night, I had bruises up my thighs and on my wrists.


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