Pros and Cons of psych wards!

So I was thinking of doing a blog about the pros and cons of each psych ward I was in.

So here it is.

I started out at Arbor Fuller. It was small, there was school on sight, we ate in an actual cafeteria. We had fun groups and the staff were nice.. The cons were lack of trust. We had to take staples out of magazines so we would hurt our self with it. I did not like the first night especially. Tiny room, strip searched, screaming teenagers.

Westwood Lodge was the WORST. The cons definatly out weigh the pros. The cons were: no heat, no phones I was accessible to, MAJOR lack of trust. We had to take our shoe laces out. The staff did not listen when I needed some one to talk to. They made and broke promises.

Waltham Behavioral. It was a mix of adults and teens. There was a little more trust. One staff even let me use a paper clip! We got to go outside in the fresh air in this ward. The food was good and since I was there for Easter the staff made an effort to make it a nice day. We dyed eggs and had a beautiful meal.

The last ward I went to was 2S my favorite. There was LOTS of trust there! I could wear jewelry, shoe laces, use a plastic knife! The staff there are AMAZING. I felt really safe on 2S especially when I had a sitter my first time. Her name was Ruby and she was like a grandma to me, I felt she could protect me from other patients.

I also liked sensory group at 2S we would smell candles and lotions. There was also a therapy dog named Hope that visited us. it was great!

I hope I never go back to the hopisital, but If I do, I only wanna go to 2S!


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