No trust in a psych ward

“This is your room, there are checks every 15 minutes, welcome to Arbor Full Psychiatric ward”

I stood at the doorway of a TINY room with nothing but a bed. I placed my Grover doll on the bed and sat down. I started to cry. I really didn’t want to be here.

Out in the hallway, girls were screaming and swearing.  I climbed into bed under the covers and cried. Soon I had a headache from crying so much. A nurse announced it was meds time. I recently was put on my first anti psychotic. So I got in line. At my turn, the nurse gave me 2 pills and some water. I took them.

“Tongue out” She said. I did.

“Good, next!”

I went back to my room. I felt so claustrophobic. I went to bed with out washing or brushing my teeth and fell asleep quickly.

It was a rough night. Lots of yelling, checks waking you up every few minutes

In the morning I was exhausted.

We went to the cafeteria for breakfast. I got cereal, I wasn’t too hungry.

That day dragged on and I learned something. When you are in a psych ward, you get no freedom, and NO trust.

We actually had to check out pens and pencils at that ward. And return them before bed.



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