Glad i am over that

I had an amazing day! I feel so good! I got a lot accomplished and I feel more mature. I got a planner like I mentioned before, and now I can make my own apts for the dentist, therapy, blood work and apts with my shrink.

I feel like a true 27 year old.

It has been MONTHS since I have felt like I was 11 on the inside. I used to want to look at Barbies at WalMart and My Little ponies. Now this was less then a year ago, so I was 26. But in my heart I felt 11.

I am happy to say, I am over that. I am into make up and taking pictures. I like to write and walk and hang with my friends.

It doesn’t even cross my mind anymore that I feel 11. I am glad I am over that!

Currently I am struggling with: Counting seconds, counting red lights, counting guard rails, counting commercials and so on.

I still hear voices, I think I always will unfortunately. But they are mostly back ground noises. They are hardly bad, if I hear any they are the neutral voices or the good ones, like Michelle.

I take my meds when I am suppost to. So yea, I am doing GREAT!


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