I felt violent and mad!

So I got my planner at Michael’s today, It was only $3. It was cute, small and functional. I came home and to my surprise it didn’t have the days of the week, or numbers. So I started to fill them in. I got to September and there were no more pages. I got really mad, I threw a marker at the wall. I felt violent and mad. I could have killed someone in that moment. It was scary I never felt that way before. If I had a gun, I would have defiantly 100 % have killed someone, that’s how angry I was.

Then I started to cry. I fell to the floor and balled my eyes out. I felt shaky and really confused what had just happened.

I am so angry I am NEVER angry, I hardly ever get mad.

So I told Mom and she said it was no big deal, I can just get a new one tomorrow. So I will, but that doesn’t help me feel better. I am so confused, why did I get that mad at the silliest thing.

I need to calm down, so I decided to blog. And I feel better already

I tell you, blogging Is like medication to me, it really helps!


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