A day out

Today I spent the day running errands. It was fun. First Bill and I went to John’s Pizza for lunch. We shared a small cheese pizza. Then we went to WalMart, it was BUSY. I got a folding table for my office. I also got Crystal Light for Bob. Then we went to Dollar General, I got to see my friend Diane who works there. I got an adult coloring book, gum and dog food.

After that, we drove around and listened to music. It was fun! I love getting out of the house, its really nice out there today, a little cold.

Today is also my Dad’s wife’s birthday, So happy birthday V!

My head is really clear today, so I am going to do some writing. I have a good story going. I really want to finish writing a book in the next few years. But I keep getting stuck on like chapter 3. I never have finished a story and I have been writing since I was like 11.



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