Changing my mood 100 %

Some times I think too much. Sometimes that’s a good thing. I have SO many thoughts in my head, I am rarely bored.

I could lay in bed for hours, just thinking, and I have. Especially when I feel sad or depressed. I am good at talking myself out of bad/sad moods.

In the past, I would feel like I wanted to cut because I got in an argument with someone. Instead of cutting, I lay back and think: There is so much to live for in life, why end it before its time to”

So I start thinking about happy thoughts and then I feel calm. It only takes about 30 minutes for my mood to change 100%. I am grateful for that.

If I put actions to my reactions, I might not be alive today. If I got depressed and didn’t stop to think, I just may have killed myself.


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