Rating Psych Wards

I think Westwood Lodge Psych Ward should go out of business. I was only there for 8 days and it was the worst 8 days of my life. It was middle of winter and there was no heat, none.

I Slept in a jacket, sweatshirt, jammies and 4 blankets.

It was like we were getting punished for having mental illness.

When Dad would come at visiting hours, I would always have him tuck me into bed even though it was like 7:00 pm. It made me feel better.

I would always get up again, but I just liked Dad to do that every night.

Every other psych ward I was in, there were thermostats in the rooms so we could choose our temperatures.

On scales for each ward I was in here how I would rate it: Arbor Fuller: 6 out of 10, Westwood Lodge, 2 out of 10, Waltham Behavioral: 7 out of 10 and 2S psych ward 9 out of 10.

2S was defiantly my favorite ward. There is a lot more trust there, things to do and the staff are AMAZING.


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