Mental Health Issues

I wonder why every day is different when it comes to my mental health. I am on the same meds I was on when I was discharged from 2S. I left the hopistal with out ANY bad voices, only good.

I stopped counting for about 3 days and I felt more calm.

Now its been a few weeks, I don’t know if the meds potency has worn off or something. I have been counting, a LOT.

Last Night I was watching Dance Moms. I said each girls name in my head and counted the letters. Example: MACKENZIE, 9 letters. NIA, 3 letters. Then I added 9 plus 3 and got 12.

Then the voices said 12 is my new lucky number, but use it only when I really must.

There were voices saying to apologize again, but I just don’t know what I did to have to apologize. Who do I apologies to? If they telled me who to say sorry to, I totally would, but I just don’t know!


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