Then i could sleep

I am doing good tonight. I have been listening to music the past few hours. I love music. Tomorrow I am going to write and exercise. Monday I have an Apt with my Psychiatrist, Tuesday I have Meals on Wheels, Wednesday I get paid, Thursday is therapy with MA, and Friday I get to see Tracy!

I love staying busy, it leaves no time for voices and bad thoughts.

I have still been counting a lot, but I try to ignore it.

Last night I was trying to sleep when I decided I needed to cut a straw in half and throw them into two different trash cans. I was asleep and my eyes shot open. Then the voices told me to do that. I tried to ignore them, but they got louder and started to chant. So I dragged myself out of bed went down stairs, cut the straw, put one half in kitchen trash and second half in bathroom trash, then I could sleep.


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