Apologies or you will regret it!

First time I heard voices in weeks!

I wasn’t sure it was a voice at first, It sounded like my Mom. Not the norm.

She kept calling me softly, “Emmie, Emmie” Then it changed into a totally creepy, scary voice saying “If you don’t shut the F** up and apologies you will regret it!”

What do I need to apologies for? I didn’t do anything, I promise!

So it made me feel bad, but when I asked what I did, the voices stopped. I don’t feel alone right now. I feel like there is a spirit in my room, even though I cant see it. I feel like I am being stalked.

I hate those voices. I want to tell them to shut up, but I don’t want them to curse me.

Time to distract myself. So I will write for a bit. Sigh…..


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