Racing thoughts

I am super tired today. My thoughts wore me out. I had a lot of thoughts today. Not voices, just my mind is full.

What’s a good way to DE clutter your brain? I wrote for a bit on my story, but I had to stop because I was getting nowhere. Its that issue MA and I talk about at therapy.

I feel like there are 10 things I have to do at once and I cant figure out where to start. MA said do it in order of importance.

But my thoughts are not that important. An example of some of my racing thoughts are: “I wonder if the shower water will have acid in it and eat away at my skin? I need to bathe. I have to wash my hair. I need to blog. I have to read 2 chapters in my book. I need a drink, I wonder if heaven is for real, I miss my Gramma, my head hurts, I need a Tylenol, I should be exercising….”

I cant do everything at once so I am suppose to do one thing at a time, but even that doesn’t work for me. Sigh.


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